Sports has made a massive following since time immemorial. This paved the way for two of the biggest sports fans, John Behrens and Josh Perkins, to create a network that will live, breathe sports.


The Artistic Independency Sports Network (AISN) was born from an awesome idea that was first shared by Behrens with Perkins while in a receiving area at a retail store. Both Behrens and Perkins loved the idea so much that they went on to materialize everything. And with Behrens’ expertise in film and video and Perkin’s background in mass communication, plus a shared strong love for sports, their partnership couldn’t make more sense.


In the summer of 2018, Behrens and Perkins rolled out the first ever episodes of Let's Talk Football and Cajun Connection. In November of the same year, Basketball Street Beat also went live.


The founders of the Artistic Independency Sports Network couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing. Connections of both parties opened up bigger doors of opportunities for the network, which then led to bigger following and expansion as a business.


AISN’s five-year goals are big yet simple. Behrens and Perkins aim to be in a physical studio in two (2) years, in the press box of the Super Bowl in three (3), and global recognition in five (5). With hard work and dedication, as well as continued patronage from their loyal followers, AISN is positive that all of these goals will be realized within their expected timeframe or even earlier.

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Founder & Host


John is a graduate of Collins College  (2011) with an Associate's degree in Film and Video Production and has studied at Baton Rouge Community College (2014/15).  John first came up the idea of Artistic Independency in 2013 as a way to develop and produce his ideas independently of outside interference.


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Josh is a Spring 2017 graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and an Associate's degree in General Studies. Josh is a former Broadcaster for the NSU KNWD Sports Network. Former Sports Anchor for NSU TV. Former Radio Personality for 91.7 KNWD FM The Demon. Josh has broadcasted games at schools such as Baylor, Mississippi State, and UL-Lafeyette.


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